Not if: I’m Dining

There’s nothing better than going for a nice, romantic, peaceful meal with a friend or partner. But would you let peer pressure get in the way if your mate was persistently trying to encourage you to leave early to watch the footy match?

Sometimes peer pressure can lead us to do things that we normally wouldn’t do—and this can definitely be the case when it comes to driving.

Have you ever had your mates encourage you to speed up, race another car, do a hand brake turn or do something that you normally wouldn’t do?

If so, you have been the victim of peer pressure and you may have put you and your friends in danger. Doing what your friends say is not always the best thing to do and you can get into all sorts of trouble if you’re caught.

Our advice:

You’ve done the driving test and know what’s right and what’s wrong—so stick with it. If this means standing up to your mates and saying no then you’re going to be a safer and better driver to the motoring world.