Not if: Speed Dating

You really want to impress for that all important date, but how far would you go? Rushing things can often lead to regrets, which sometimes can be irreversible.

This is the same when driving. Speeding up to impress your friend or ignoring the signs and speed limits can land you with a whole heap of regrets!

Did you know that getting caught speeding can result in a hefty fine of £100 and three penalty points on your license, which can even rise to six points and a fine of £2500 if caught speeding on motorways.
And if you have a job in mind, don’t forget that most companies will ask you to declare any points on your licence, which could hamper you from getting that perfect job or even worse, increase your already high insurance!

Obviously there are more serious implications when you break the speed limit so avoid it at all costs!

Our advice

You don’t need to impress someone by driving fast, the end result will eventually be a bad one.
Always stick to the limit and set a good example to others.