Not if: In Surgery

Surgery The word of dread to most people, but we all know to keep still and do exactly what the doctor says, right?

We all like to take pictures and share it with our Facebook friends. But there is a time and a place for doing this.

Take driving for instance. As a passenger, you can text, tweet, even sleep, as long as your not distracting the driver. But many people do cause a distraction, either by trying to show the driver a picture on their mobile or trying to get their attention in some other way.

As a driver, you loose 50% of your concentration when trying to do more than two things at once. This means that by not giving your full attention to the road, you could be putting you and your friend’s lives at risk.

Our advice

Whatever the picture or the status update, it can wait. If your fellow passenger is distracting you, just let them know. And if you are the distractor, think twice because you could be putting your own life in danger.